My Psoriasis Treatments Weren’t Working — So I Treated Myself

My Psoriasis Treatments Weren’t Working — So I Treated Myself

Story shared via Healthline.

I still remember the very first time I realized I had psoriasis.

Freshmen year of high school, front row of the auditorium. I was waiting to audition for that year’s musical.

Suddenly, my leg started to itch. This was a common, day-to-day occurrence for me, given the starchy knee-high socks that were a mandatory part of the uniform at my Catholic school. I performed my normal routine to scratch an itch in school inconspicuously: I slipped one foot out of my Mary Janes and used my toes to gently scratch the other foot.

I scratched it once. Twice. Five, six, probably 20 more times. Finally, when it became apparent that the itch would not and could not be scratched to satisfaction, I pulled my sock down.

What I saw sent my heart racing.

Instead of normal, irritated skin, what faced me on the left side of my calf was a line of bright, dry, blotchy, pink and white scales! Scales?! Scales!! I was horrified! What was happening?!

Too embarrassed to ask anyone around me what I might be looking at, I remember pulling a small jar of Vaseline out of my backpack and slathering it onto the scaly spot, rolling my sock back up, and rocking my leg nervously. There were only two more girls left to audition before it was my turn to go up there and sing, so this instant irritation was horribly inconvenient.

And I suddenly felt like crying, because now it was starting to hurt.

The more irritated and itchy my skin became, the more I panicked. When I looked down at the source of my discomfort again, the spot had somehow seemed to spread. Cue more Vaseline, more pain, and more panic.

A familiar condition

Somehow, I got through my audition that day, and immediately rushed home to tell my family about the mysterious scaly spot.

To my surprise, they had seen this before. My uncle had this condition. It was called psoriasis, they said. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes dry, flaky, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. It’s a genetic disorder and often comes and goes, and the triggers vary by person — which is why it can be hard to pinpoint what’s causing a flare-up. And when a flare-up occurs, it can be embarrassing, painful, and dismaying.

But not to worry, I was told — there was treatment!

My treatment mostly involved drugs: powerful, potent drugs designed to lower my production of T cells and therefore, in theory, prevent the overgrowth of cells that cause psoriasis.

I took anthralin, a medication that may remove some scales caused by psoriasis, but can also severely irritate skin (and stains absolutely anything it touches). I used corticoid creams, meant to be applied directly to the skin to reduce itching and inflammation. I also used chemical-laden salicylic acid and tough coal tar.

I tried these Rx treatments for more than 10 years. There was just one problem: They never worked.

No matter if I was swallowing a pill, scrubbing off my skin, or using another strongly scented, industrial-strength cream, I was always dismayed and disappointed. My skin would get irritated, bloody, or bruised. It wasn’t getting better.

That’s because these treatments don’t address the underlying cause of psoriasis: the autoimmune disease.

Forging my own path 

An autoimmune disease like psoriasis is a condition which causes your immune system to mistakenly attack your body. The immune system is designed to guard against germs and bacteria, so when it turns on itself, it can have massively drastic consequences on your health.

So, in 2011, I stopped using drugs for psoriasis and decided to treat myself naturally. And ever since making the switch, I’ve never turned back. My body is in balance, my skin is in balance, and I have controlled the triggers that beget autoimmune symptoms in the first place.

Having psoriasis inspired me to start treating my skin naturally, using raw and organic ingredients to heal, restore, and correct. Ingredients like turmeric, olive oil, fish oil, vitamin D, and hyaluronic acid were game changers in treating my skin, because they support the body’s oil production and increasing your immunity.

Olive oil, for instance, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which protects joints as well as moisturizes. It also makes dead skin cells easier to remove. And turmeric lowers your cytokines, which cause inflammation in your cells.

I spent seven years experimenting, making simple at-home concoctions. And, to my surprise, they worked wonders, many times overnight! On top of my new skin care rituals, I also took supplement forms of the flowers, herbs, and oils I was using, supporting my body from the inside out.

I had prayed for a nonirritating, organic solution to my psoriasis for over a decade. Now I had it!

Soon, I began sharing my skin care creations with others. The feedback was incredible, and the more I watched these ingredient combinations achieve real results, the more I was tempted to share these findings with the world. If it’s not just me, I thought, it’s time — I need to share this!

Finding a purpose for my pain

Solving my own skin care problems inspired me to create my organic skin care line. I now use the ingredients that saved my skin — like hyaluronic acid, turmeric, vitamin D, and organic olive oil — as the main ingredients in our luxury serums. Switching from rough Rx drugs to treating myself naturally has had incredible benefits not only on my life, but now on thousands of other people’s lives, too.

Every day, we get more testimonials from women and men saying that their skin, self-esteem, and lives have been forever changed by switching to organic skin care products.

It’s been amazing to turn something that was such a source of embarrassment and pain into something that serves so many people and has so much purpose.

What’s truly eye-opening to me is that I’ve reevaluated what role, and what purpose, my psoriasis truly had in my life. It wasn’t so that I could go through all of this in order to help myself. It was so I could go through it to help others. Every day I do that, my pain has a purpose.

And one more person gets their life back, side effect-free.

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5 Acne Fighters That Totally Transformed My Skin

5 Acne Fighters That Totally Transformed My Skin

Acne sucks. I think this is one universal truth that will never change.

Trust me, I know.  

I used to face horrendous, cystic acne all over my jawline, body and face every morning. This was painful, embarrassing and most of all, a nuisance. It was horrible for my self esteem and held me back from doing even the most basic things, like making new friends, going grocery shopping or booking jobs.

Honestly, a good skincare routine has changed everything!

Here are the 5 acne fighters that have totally transformed my skin:

Supplements have been a huge part of my win in my battle against acne, so they deserve to be mentioned first. Supplements have been the foundation of keeping my acne at bay.

The reason that most conventional treatments for acne and skin issues don’t work is that they fail to treat the real issue: your insides. Steroids, anti-biotics and even heavy duty prescription medications skip over the one thing that truly does need to change and for your new, clear skin to stick: Your body needs to be in balance.

Who knew that the true key to combating my skin issues – especially my cystic acne – for good was getting passed by every time I went to the pharmacy for a new skin Rx? The last thing I was missing was herbs and supplements, which have truly been the big game changer for me. If I take my supplements, I barely have to worry about a small blemish around that time of the month. If I miss my supplements, I DO see the same symptoms that I used to have. Bumps pop up. Pores get clogged. Cysts form. Not pretty.

Most female acne is hormonal, and to treat hormonal acne you need to deal with the root cause – your estrogen levels!

One of my favorite and most useful herbs for combating my skin issues has been the supplement DIM, which acts as an estrogen regulator. It balances the estrogens in your body, straightening out your hormones and allowing your skin to stop freaking out. DIM has now become widely known on the Internet as one of the better treatments of hormonal acne, and it has helped many of my friends, family and clients. DIM supplements are an excellent option for women with acne who have high estrogen and low testosterone. These women are typically estrogen dominant. One example is women on synthetic birth control. DIM supplements will work at reducing side effects of the birth control, and getting your libido back. I take 4 DIM pills a day and am totally acne-free!

Some of my other favorites are vitamin D, vitex, fish oils and evening primrose oil.


I know this may seem counter-intuitive to what they tell you, but you do NOT want to use harsh products when tackling your acne. When you’re fighting acne, ALWAYS avoid products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfates. Why? Well, you really don’t want extra, unnecessary inflammation if you want your skin to heal! These products are SUPER harsh, stripping the skin of natural pH it needs to stay balanced and often leaving skin red or raw – on TOP of not addressing the problem.

The next step in the foundation of my good skin is to find yourself a good, organic serum that addresses the cause of acne, so that you are not only healing your acne now, but you are preventing future acne. The Detox Repair Serum was formulated to do just that!

This vitamin enriched serum is an effective blemish-fighting acne treatment to minimize pimples, zits, and help prevent future breakouts. How? This serum is specifically formulated with the highest level of french green clay and activated charcoal. Effectively fights blemishes, reduces acne, and helps keep skin free of new breakouts. Healing, organic vitamins are designed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while zinc oxide, a natural mineral, provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum.

The result is clearer skin that lasts. Don’t just take my word for it! A recent reviewer said this:

“I have tried SO many different acne solutions and am BLOWN AWAY by this product. I wanted to get away from my harsh acne cream due to all of the chemicals that irritated my face. I tried a bunch of other products, but nothing worked. I finally came across this and will never turn back! No smell, no irritating essential oils, no dangerous ingredients and the serum actually works to prevent and heal breakouts! Highly recommend!” June, 27

The best part about these serums is that they are essential oil free. Essential oils can irritate skin over time because our body’s become sensitive to the concentrated ingredients. The Detox Repair serum is also scent-free, so you don’t have to worry about if the smell will irritate your delicate palette or your skin.

Use as an oil cleanser as well as a morning and nighttime serum! Simply apply to face as instructed and remove makeup with a wet or dry washcloth. Can additionally be used as a body oil.

Soft Water 

Hard water had done a number on my skin, but it took me months to identify this as one of the main culprits! You’ll know you have hard water in your shower if you experience any of these symptoms after showering: dry skin, itchiness, flakiness, a filminess or dry hair and scalp.

Hard water is high in alkaline (pH), and also contains high levels of minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron. This clogs and irritates your skin.

The remedy is switching to a soft water filter for your showerhead. You can grab this one from Culligan for under $30! Soft water helps your body clear toxins, fight infections and oh yeah – it won’t take 10 minutes to wash product out of your hair! Check if you have hard water in your area at:

Skip The Dehydrators 

I haven’t drank a drop of alcohol at all for a few months now (post on this coming soon!) and other than my health, I have surpsingly seen the most difference in my SKIN!

Cutting out caffeine and alcohol – especially hard alcohol – will truly help you win the war against your acne. If you’re not too inspired by plain old water, try adding some fresh lemon or berries and organic honey for flavor and drink at LEAST 8 cups of water and 4 cups of caffeine-free tea per day.

Caffeine (when ingested) can cause disruption to your guts, which is where the start of your clear skin truly begins. Caffeine also messes with your hormones, namely your stress hormone, which is a huge disruption to your oil production. On top of that, it’s a diuretic, adding a super dehydrating affect that I think we can all agree we’d like to skip.

But don’t worry – You can literally drink your way to amazing skin! Try replacing coffee with teas specifically designed to help you wean off. Teeccino, an herbal coffee alternative that tastes JUST like coffee (I swear!) is my favorite, but you can just make your own drink at home with some fresh herbs like mint, cacao or lavender flowers and warm milk, cinnamon, honey and turmeric.


Like a good serum, a good face mask fights the very CAUSE of acne, not just the surface skin disruptions. I invented one for just this purpose, and have used it for over 4 years every time I see a little bump creep in, usually around that time of the month. Forbes actually featured this mask this year – a true highlight. My organic face mask works great to simultaneously exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Incorporate this mask into your skin routine 2-3 times a week for the best results. Your skin will be glowing, refreshed, and happy! Here’s the recipe:


To Do:

  1. Combine ingredients in a small bowl
  2. Mix together thoroughly with a wooden spoon
  3. Add water and mix thoroughly until it is a muddy consistency
  4. Apply to face, neck and décolletage using a fan or makeup brush
  5. Allow to dry for 10-15 mins
  6. Remove while still damp

Voila! A perfect complexion is yours!

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Fall Fabulous: Green Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Fall Fabulous: Green Beauty Makeup Tutorial

It’s incredible what some great skincare and a tiny bit of lip color can do! This look is so minimal that I barely had to wear anything else at all – but so many of you asked me what I used to put this look together that I HAD to share it!

This vampy look is perfect for fall – it looks natural (like the photo above) or can be perfect for a date night (below) – all you need is an outfit change!

All makeup and skincare (used for prep and highlight) is organic, cruelty free and vegan.

SKIN PREP: Glow Brightening Serum | Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Toner | Waxelene 

HIGHLIGHTER: Glow Brightening Serum

BRONZER: Bio Bronze Powder

EYES: Glow Brightening Serum (above the eyes and in the corner to create highlight) | Expressionist Liquid Liner

LIPS: Glow Brightening Serum | Red Apple Lipstick in After Hours

FINISHING POWDER: RMS Beauty UnPowder | Alima Pure Contour Powder (around cheeks, nose, temples and under the chin for reducing shine.)

Check out this nighttime glam makeup tutorial and be sure to read about the 5 new ways to use your beauty products!

10 Beauty Must-Have’s For Fall:

10 Beauty Must-Have’s For Fall:

Beauty editors and makeup mavens alike know that fall is when all the new beauty products come out to play. Here are some of my fall favorites for 2017…

nail polish: Fall is the perfect time for nudes and muted pinks. I’ve been rocking this pale pink color on my nails since October and have received so many compliments on it!  I’ve been a long-time fan of NCLA, who makes “5 Free” luxury nail lacquer, meaning they are not only 100% free of DBP, toulene, and formaldehyde, but also of camphor and animal testing.

shadow palette: Reminiscent of the sophisticated beiges and subdued lilacs of Degas’ ballerinas, the shades in this versatile Sweet Ballet palette can create both soft, everyday eyes or a show-stopping evening look. This palette can flatter almost any skin tone and eye color, and depending on the balance of the colors used. The sleek palette case includes a convenient application mirror and applicator brush and sponge, making on-the-go touch-ups fast and fumble-free.

face serum:  Melatonin-riched, vitamin packed Cellular Recovery Serum is the absolute best and most enriched serum to use in the fall – for any type of skin! The ingredients in Genetix Cellular Recovery Serum enhance communication between your skin cells. Nutrient-dense organic rosehip, magnesium and CoQ10 can penetrate the tough outer layer of your sebum and once there, initiate your skin’s repair process, revealing a vibrant, smoother skin texture. With daily application this super serum moisturizes, improves clarity + contributes to a more beautiful, balanced and youthful complexion.

moisturizer: I absolutely have to recommend the Rare Indigo Soothing Balm from Mahalo for the fall season! This Hawaiian beauty balm is supercharged with clinically-tested rare extract of the indigo plant and potent anti-inflammatory, chamazulene-rich actives, making this skin-renewing balm an opulent skin treat. Bursting with collagen-fostering vitamin C ester and replenishing essential fatty-acids to lower oxidation damage in stressed tissue, allowing the skin to be hydrated, nourished and youthful.

toner: This Aloe toner by Odacite screams USE ME WHEN THE WEATHER CHANGES! You’ll love it! Watch this toner reduce puffiness and boost renewal of firming tissues. Sea Fennel from the pristine rocky North Atlantic coastal cliffs re-energizes the skin and shrinks pores. Fresh Aloe Vera Juice heals and hydrates. Organic Immortelle essential oil stimulates healthy cell growth and revitalizes damaged tissue.

mask: I don’t know what i love more about this face mask… the fact that it’s called The Mermaid Mask or the fact that it just plain WORKS. This powerhouse mask works deep within the layers of skin to eliminate impurities, leaving it luminous and supple. Great for all skin types, but especially oily and combination skin, the mask is rich in antioxidants and minerals that support the skin’s natural detoxing processes while also nourishing it.

body scrub: I love love LOVE a good body scrub, and fall is the perfect time to slough off that old skin for a better, smoother complexion on your face AND body! This simple yet effective Earth Tu Face Dead Sea Salt Scrub is a fall fave! Exfoliates, detoxifies and hydrates the body. Pure Sea Salt stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system, a key element to combat cellulite. Organic Safflower and Jojoba Oils absorb into the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated. Bergamot, Lemon and Basil invigorate the immune system and uplift mood.

mommy & baby: Perfect for keeping both mommy and baby’s skin hydrated, Zoe’s Belly butter helps to relieve itching and is a rich conditioner for stretching skin during pregnancy. Shea butter, along with a power-packed blend of organic oils, extracts and essential oils work to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

fragrance: If you want to make an entrance, the humid, velvety scent of live gardenias will do it. The perfume itself is – a green, fresh, luxurious gardenia scent. Earthy and floral. Your scent will haunt the room in the best possible way!

box: There are a lot of green beauty boxes out there and they’re not all created equal! The Detox Box is a monthly box that allows us to share with you our tried-and-true favorites and game-changing discoveries. Each month you’ll receive products that are universal and exceptional—you know, the “holy grails”. Products that have people complimenting your skin, and asking what you’re doing. They have strict ingredient standards, high expectations for performance, and a need to connect with the passion behind each brand. The products that make it are proven to be above and beyond. Cannot recommend this box enough! I can’t wait for my December box to show up! Here’s the one I enjoyed around this time last year:


Meet Your Skin’s New BFFs:

Meet Your Skin’s New BFFs:

Guys! Hi! Omg I’m so excited! Last week I shared with you my stellar news about Genetix (if you missed that post, check it out!) In the meantime, I’ve dashed around the country showing our products off to beauty mavens at Teen Vogue, Women’s Health, Rodales and more! I am so excited to share with you the journey of creating these three luxury face serums!

Each serum targets specific skincare needs like aging, mature skin, dull, uneven texture, redness and oily, acne-prone skin. Let’s break it down . . .

Why do I need another serum?

Really, you don’t need ANOTHER serum, but you do need one serum to make sure that you NEVER need another serum again! That’s where we come in!

Once you choose the Genetix serum that suits your skincare needs, we promise that you’ll have in your beauty cabinet the product to end all products! These potions contain everything your skin craves, like hyaluronic acid, a gentle base of organic grapeseed oil, retinol-enhanced rosehip oil and vitamins A, C, D & E, that let your skin thrive. You can use them before bed, in the morning and even as an oil cleanser! They’re a fan favorite to add a youthful glow over makeup.

Once you have your serum, you won’t need anything else!

What makes Genetix different?

We’re organic, scent free and essential oil free! Essential oils are wonderful in holistic skincare, but they can be irritating over time. Many people who use products with essential oils find skincare relief short term, but long-term their skin suffers irritation and often begins to breakout. Our essential oil free formulas give you all the benefits of organic, active vitamins, minerals, herbs and plants, without any of the concentrated essential oils that can irritate the skin.

Our products contain no scent. Fragrance can be irritating to skin and disrupting to the endocrine system. We also believe that there is nothing worse than investing in a product simply to find out that you don’t like the way it smells! Scent free ensures that you can use your product without any risk of irritation to your skin or biological system. Plus, you don’t have to smell like a pineapple smoothie after every use! 😉

Melatonin is an active ingredient? Why?

Our main ingredient MELATONIN is known as the “time keeping hormone” for its ability to stop and reverse the effects of aging. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, protecting your cellular DNA from free-radical damage and allowing your cells to communicate better. When applied topically, melatonin plays an important role in keeping your skin radiant, clear and balanced from the inside – out.

We don’t know of any other brand that uses melatonin in this way in their products and felt it our duty to bring this incredible ingredient to the forefront of skincare.

Are your products completely organic?

Every ingredient we use is 100% organic. We don’t use any fillers like water or gel. We don’t use any parabens or toxins. Our products contains no fragrance or parfums and no irritants. We are gluten free, vegan and cruelty-free.  We hand-make our products in sunny San Diego, California.

What’s your company mission?

We live for change. We donate 5% of our profits towards humanitarian causes related to saving our planet and creating a more sustainable and empowered world.*

What are your three luxury serums for?

Here! Meet the gang:

Which skin type is it good for?

  •  Normal
  •  Oily/Acne-Prone/Combination
  •  Sensitive
  •  Dry
  •  Mature

What it is:
A melatonin enriched anti-aging serum that refines and resurfaces skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Loss of firmness and elasticity
– Fine lines and wrinkles

The ingredients in Genetix Cellular Recovery Serum enhance communication between your skin cells. Nutrient-dense organic rosehip, magnesium and CoQ10 can penetrate the tough outer layer of your sebum and once there, initiate your skin’s repair process, revealing a vibrant, smoother skin texture. Main ingredient melatonin has been proven to clinically reduce and reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With daily application this super serum moisturizes, improves clarity + contributes to a more beautiful, balanced and youthful complexion. Wake up with beautiful skin every single day!


Which skin type is it good for?

  •  Normal
  •  Oily/Acne-Prone
  •  Combination
  •  Dry
  •  Sensitive

What it is:
A skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting retinol youth serum with organic vitamins A, D + C, melatonin and hyaluronic acid for post-facial results and all day hydration.

Solutions for: 
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Dark spots
– Fine lines and wrinkles 

If you want to know more…
Genetix Glow Brightening Serum is formulated with high potency, organic rosehip, melatonin and hyaluronic acid that immediately tackles dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. Fine lines appear visually plumped, the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation and the visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. Perfect for all skin types and all ages, this treatment is enhanced with turmeric and chamomile for maximum brightening and instant radiance. Doubles as a highlighter over makeup.


Which skin type is it good for?

  •  Oily/Acne-Prone
  •  Normal
  •  Dry

What it is:

An effective blemish-fighting acne treatment to minimize pimples, zits, and help prevent future breakouts.

Solutions for:

– Acne/blemishes
– Pores
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Dark spots/scars

Genetix Detox Repair Serum is specifically formulated with the highest level of french green clay and activated charcoal. Effectively fights blemishes, reduces acne, and helps keep skin free of new breakouts. Healing, organic vitamins are designed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while zinc oxide, a natural mineral, provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum. The result is clearer skin that lasts.


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Wow guys! Thanks for letting me share that. I sure hope you love these face serums as much as I do! The line was created with everyone in mind, so that regardless of your skincare concerns, you’d easily be able to find a formula that would work for you. And I swear, once you have your serum picked out, you won’t need anything else!

Did you catch my chat with Teen Vogue on Facebook Live?
Watch it here.

*We donate 5% of our profits towards humanitarian causes related to saving our planet and creating a more sustainable and empowered world.

Click here to learn more.



Our Biggest Sale Ever is going on right now!

Our Biggest Sale Ever is going on right now!

OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER is going on right now!

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