How to Use Gratitude to Manifest Your Dreams

How to Use Gratitude to Manifest Your Dreams

Gratitude is your ally. This powerful feeling can propel us in unexpected and beautiful directions. IF we use it correctly. Used to manifest, gratitude can take you from super depressed to super inspired in a heartbeat.

How? Well, my favorite practice involves simply feeling grateful for something you want, before you have it. This practice tricks our body into producing our intended outcome. Yes, simply imagining that you have a million dollars or that you were asked to appear on that popular talk show can get you straight there, because you’ve put your body – and mind – in a position to receive what you want and expect, by being grateful for it in advance.

Here’s how gratitude works to manifest your dearest goals and dreams. . .

  1. Gratitude Makes People Like You

Gratitude generates social capital – in two studies with 243 total participants, those who were 10% more grateful than average had 17.5% more social capital, aka friend wealth. Why? How? What?

Gratitude makes us nicer, more trusting, more social, and more appreciative. As a result, it helps us make more friends, deepen our existing relationships, and improve our marriage. When people like you, they’re more invested in helping you achieve your dreams.

  1. Gratitude Makes You Happier

A five-minute a day gratitude journal can increase your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent. That’s the same impact as doubling your income!

How can a free five minute activity compare? Gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career.

Sure, having more money can be pretty awesome, but often we quickly get used to it and stop having as much fun and happiness as we did at first. Once we’re grateful for the money – even before we have it – we’re attracting more abundance into our lives.

3. Gratitude Makes You Healthier

Keeping a gratitude journal caused participants to report a 25% increase in sleep quality, 16% fewer adverse physical symptoms, 10% less physical pain and a whopping 20% more time spent exercising! When you’re healthier, you can accomplish more stuff, more easily. Before you know it, you’re not just talking about your goals – you’re going out and checking them off!

4. Gratitude boosts Your Career

65% of Americans didn’t receive recognition in the workplace last year. Can you imagine how much that killed their ability to be grateful for what they have?

Gratitude makes you a more effective manager and a better employee. It helps you network, increases your decision making capabilities, increases your productivity, and helps you get the correct mentors and proteges. As a result, gratitude helps you achieve your career goals, as well as making your workplace a more friendly and enjoyable place to be.

Wow. One small practice really can change everything!

4 Things Successful People Do Every Single Day That Most People Don’t

4 Things Successful People Do Every Single Day That Most People Don’t

How do you become the Oprah or Bill Gates of your time?

What’s interesting is that some of the traits that make great people great are very obvious, while other leadership traits are actually really subtle. In fact, the best leaders make leadership look so easy that you don’t even notice what they do.

Success requires more than luck. Here’s a list of four unspoken habits of highly successful people that you can adopt yourself to create the success you want in your own life.

They Know When To Put Their Phone Away

Social connection is a healthy and necessary part of the human experience. A number of studies have examined the benefits of social ties, finding that people with strong social connection have lower levels of anxiety and depression, a stronger immune system, faster recovery times from illness and even an increased chance of longevity. And on the flip-side, studies have also shown that a lack of social connection is correlated with lower self-esteem, a lower sense of empathy for others, vulnerability to disease, higher blood pressure and an increased risk of depression.

However, there have been a number of studies examining the consequences of social comparison – something most of us have experience with. One moment you’re scrolling innocently through a friend’s feed, then next thing you know you’re 4 months deep looking at their tropical vacation photos, wondering why you haven’t gone anywhere in years and why it’s taking so long to get your life on track so that you can actually take that trip you’ve been talking about for nearly a decade now.

Social comparison can also rear its ugly head when we start to compare our bodies and appearance to others, tearing ourselves down in the process. A study out of the UK surveyed 1500 Facebook and Twitter users, finding that 62% of the group reported feeling inadequate and 60% reported feelings of jealousy from comparing themselves to other users.

While it may seem like living on your phone would be a requirement for modern day success, it turns out the opposite is true. Successful people do it differently. They don’t look at their phone for the first and last hour of the day. That is their “me time” – a time to unwind, meditate, spend time with family, take in the day, feel at peace and work on goals for the future. The more you do this in your own life, the more successful you will be.

They Get – and Stay! – Inspired

Self-confidence comes from the habit of mastering yourself, your skills and talents. It’s a process that slowly but surely builds unshakeable trust in yourself–which is a vital element of success.

Successful people have an inspiration to get better and to do better. When they set a goal, instead of letting their inspiration disappear after a few days or weeks, they get convicted in their resolutions. Their strong convictions mean they’ll structure everything else in their life around their most important goal, doing whatever it takes to make it happen. They have the strength to see things through without griping or procrastinating. When you want it, you make it happen. The world’s greatest achievers are those who have had the willpower to stay focused on their goals and consistent in their efforts.

(actual double rainbow I actually saw – and captured! – on a recent early morning)

They Wake Up Earlier

No kids yelling, no babies crying, no soccer balls, no cars, no television noise. That’s the benefit of getting up before everyone else. The early morning hours are so peaceful, so quiet. It’s my favorite time of day. I truly enjoy that time of peace, that time to myself, when I can think, when I can read, when I can breathe. There is less psychic chatter too, so you are not competing with other people’s thoughts and energies like you must throughout the rest of the day.

One very significant benefit of waking up early is reduced stress level. Successful people know that when you rise early, it eliminates the need to rush in the morning. You can then start your day on an optimistic note and such positivity often stays with you throughout the day. Early risers often go to bed early, too, meaning that they’re conscientious of their time.

Try going to bed and waking up an hour earlier tonight! There’s another added bonus to this practice too; early riser’s have time for breakfast –the most important meal to get your brain optimized for the day!

They think better thoughts

Successful people don’t allow any room for negativity or doubt. They may even visualize how success will look and feel. They intuitively understand that once you can think of a goal, you can achieve it.

In the end, successful people know the importance of having effective, healthy winning habits, and they work hard on creating, building and cultivating winning habits to make their success a reality.

You can do this by reading inspiring books or listening to motivational podcasts, lectures or getting pumped up on some inspiring youtube videos.

Tom Corley, an accountant and financial planner, surveyed 233 wealthy individuals, mostly self-made millionaires, and found interesting patterns among them. A huge majority of these rich people, 88 percent, say they devote 30 minutes or more each day to reading, according to CNBC . Most of those prefer nonfiction works like biographies, history, and self-help books. Billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett reportedly once said that reading is the most important habit he’s picked up. “I just sit in my office and read all day,” he told The Week.

That is literally my life story. I’m always reading. It’s been my comfort since I was a child. And it always always ALWAYS gets me out of a funk.

When you think better, more optimistic thoughts, you’re more inspired to act on those thoughts. Successful people take action. They don’t talk about what they’re going to do or think about their intentions. They get up and get it done.

Check out How to Stop Caring What Other People Think and 3 Proven Ways To Calm Your Mind.

Landscape and sunset photos taken by me. Photos of me taken by Arielle Levy

8 “Must-Haves” You Always Forget To Pack When You Travel

8 “Must-Haves” You Always Forget To Pack When You Travel

I’ve managed to do an exhausting amount of travel for someone who, let’s be honest, loves her creature comforts. I hate stress so, maybe needless to say, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing.

In that time I’ve learned that there are some serious travel ESSENTIALS – especially for days where most of your time is spent in an airplane.

Here are the items we often forget to pack, and always regret not having in our suitcase. Have these with you — or else!


There is literally nothing worse than taking off, sitting comfortably in you seat, putting your headphones on and realizing that your state of the art, in-flight entertainment system just… doesn’t work. Like, at ALL. Bonus meltdown if your flight is at night and/or you don’t have a window seat.

That’s where books come in SO handy!

On my last few flights I devoured Own Your Glow, Claim Your Power and even did edits for my next book that comes out next year! There’s honestly nothing like reading an empowering work when you’re 30,000+ feet in the air! Inspiration galore and the time goes by SO quickly. Plus, at the very least, it’s a great way to fall asleep 😉


…and a bunch of kickass playlists you won’t get sick of. But seriously – headphones are the difference between a pleasant flight and a flight where you are actually, seriously contemplating murdering a stranger’s young, screaming child.

Make sure that your choice of headphones covers both of your ears and they are noise cancelling. None of this iTunes headphones earbuds crap. I bring the headphones I use to record music with me. They’re my absolute favorite because they cancel out not just noise, but the whole world. One meditation track later and I could be sitting next to that stranger’s young, screaming child and still drift peacefully off to sleep. Let someone else stare daggers in their parents exhausted direction. I’m gonna get some Zzzz’s. Wake me when the food cart comes.


I actually, truly, legitimately forgot how dehydrating travel was. Let’s see. There’s the fact that you are barely inspired to drink water because god forbid you have to get up to pee AGAIN. There’s the fact that the flight attendants hold water from you like they only have a certain amount and you’ll never see water again until you land (oh, wait…) There’s the issue where it seems like every minute your skin just gets drier and drier and DRIER until you finally catch your reflection in the bathroom mirror and notice that it looks like someone came with a syringe and sucked all of the water out of your entire body. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there.

I carry an organic water bottle with me everywhere, at all times, but it’s ESPECIALLY CRUCIAL to start this habit when you travel. Flying on an airplane, sitting in a bed of recycled air and germs, can lead to dehydration and illness. While traveling, drinking water is not only important for hydration but also for staying resistant to germs.

Carrying your own bottle ensures that you can easily fill up on water when necessary just by tapping a flight attendant on the shoulder and asking politely, rather than sitting and waiting for them to “bring water around” (which may only happen once or twice on a 6 hour or more flight).


My skin? SO DRY I could barely talk on my last flight out east last year. So since then I’ve been taking a moisturizer with me at all times and luckily, now I have products that I truly trust to keep me company on my journeys!

Before you fly at all and to combat the germs we touched on earlier, apply Waxelene to your entire face and even use a Q-tip to apply some in your nose before getting on a plane to avoid catching a cold. Airplane air can be drying, and if the inside of your nose becomes cracked and dry, infection is much more likely. How does this help? Well, this organic formula creates a barrier that doesn’t allow germs to penetrate through the nose, but you are still able to breathe.

I loved using the Genetix Glow Brightening Serum on these last few trips because I truly think it made all the difference! It’s formulated with high potency, organic rosehip, melatonin and hyaluronic acid that immediately tackles dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. An absolute travel MUST, since your complexion can change rapidly while flying. I also love using the Cellular Recovery Serum under my eyes to get rid of that oh-so-tired look that’s inevitable while traveling.

What I love is that in just one use, fine lines appear visually plumped. Over time the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation and the visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. Perfect for all skin types and all ages, this treatment is enhanced with turmeric and chamomile for maximum brightening and instant radiance. Doubles as a highlighter over makeup, if you’re a makeup-while-traveling kind of gal (I, perhaps needless to say, am not.)


I used to think those people walking around the airport carrying head pillows were dorks. Turns out, they’re GENIUSES. AND I own at least 5 head pillows now. SO yeah. Shame on me.

I prefer the ones that feel like velvet, but honestly, they’re all game-changing. If you’re literally nodding as you attempt to nod off, a Head Pillow will ensure your head stays cradled securely in place. You can also use them basically any way you wish to make a comfy, squishy pillow for yourself. I love mine and it keeps me from being in SERIOUS neck or back pain if I fall asleep on my flight! You can easily find the best one for yourself too, just by looking on Buyers Impact at the many reviews they provide. This way you’ll be provided with the best comfort and won’t have to worry about getting a nasty cramp in your neck during the flight.


SOMETIMES you land and realize as you turn on the hotel room shower, that you forgot one of the most important things… a razor! And I get it. You had a lot on your mind and they’re normally hard to find amongst all the other bathroom looking toiletries.


Now, your razor looks like a mermaid, so you’ll never forget if you packed it again! This Mermaid Razor seriously changed my hygiene game, as I’m a huge culprit of showering the morning I leave and forgetting to pack ALL my shower stuff. LITERALLY will NEVER forget if I packed my razor ever again! How the heck could you?!


Smelling good shouldn’t be your last thought when traveling, but it often is! Seriously, though – this is an important one. After all, YOU have to smell yourself all day long!

Well, they are called ESSENTIAL oils for a reason… idk what I’d do without them!

I dab some calming rose essential oil onto my wrists, neck and into my hair pre-flight to ease my nerves. Want something less subtle? I love my trusty Ded Cool no. 2 roll on which is sexy and unisex, with notes of juniper and sandalwood, coupled with a light and fresh scent of Zoe Organics Aroma Oil.


Freshen up in a pinch with some travel size organic DEO with you! Traces of raw organic honey, lavender and eucalyptus inflect the subtly alluring scent of this long-lasting deodorant made with food-­grade ingredients—organic coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, avocado butter, sunflower butter, castor oil, honey and healing essential oils—to work on even the most sensitive skin. Deodorant regularly shows up in my top 10 list of search keywords that brought people to my blog. Why wouldn’t it? Many use it and you definitely need it when you travel. There have been times that I’ve been on a hot stuffy plane where the person next to me needed a double dose of it! I mean, airlines have LITERALLY kicked passengers off their flights for their body odor. Don’t be that guy!

Did You Hear What Teen Vogue Said About My Skin?!

Did You Hear What Teen Vogue Said About My Skin?!

Last week I traveled back to my hometown of New York City and sat down with Teen Vogue to do a Facebook Live for #WellnessWednesday about my journey, work & of course – Genetix!

I openly shared about how my own skincare journey started in my mid-twenties, when I began facing painful, cystic acne. I quickly realized that not only did none of my dermatologist recommended products work, but that they contained high levels of toxins and fillers that further irritated my skin.

As a biologist, I knew that was a better, natural way to treat our skin issues. After experimenting at home, I found incredible natural remedies that worked not just to treat – but they worked to cure my skin problems – completely!

During the live Q&A Vera, the super chic Teen Vogue editor, kindly interrupted to point out one thing:

“For the record, her skin looks REALLY good!”

Why thank you!

That’s because I meticulously select active ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted and pure. I don’t use any fillers, toxins or water in my products. Each ingredient is chosen and sourced with intention. These highly concentrated potions contain active ingredients that are selected for one reason only: because they work!

So if you’re familiar with us, you may not have been surprised at all!

Teen Vogue asked so many thoughtful questions and shared such great feedback about Genetix too! We’re seriously honored that they are on the forefront of green beauty and natural health. Be sure to check it out.

FACT: Our main ingredient MELATONIN is known as the “time keeping hormone” for its ability to stop and reverse the effects of aging. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, protecting your cellular DNA from free-radical damage and allowing your cells to communicate better. When applied topically, melatonin plays an important role in keeping your skin radiant, clear and balanced from the inside – out.

“My Health Story: Then VS Now” with San Diego Lifestyle

“My Health Story: Then VS Now” with San Diego Lifestyle

Hey guys! I sat down with Amanda from The San Diego Lifestyle to chat about my health journey, running a business, trusting your inner gut and healing from the inside – out! We talked about my inspiration behind getting healthy, plus went through a whole day of what I do now to stay healthy and keep it up. I know you guys are really going to love and connect with this one, so I’ll give you a little quote from it before we jump right into the full shabang:

“Anyone who’s willing to take a pill you’re kind of already at a breaking point and you’re willing to trust whatever. I was at a breaking point. I took ALL the anti-anxiety medications, ALL the painkillers, ALL the opioids and they didn’t help me. Then that realization happened: this was not the answer. I didn’t want to numb out. I wanted to live my best life!”

Catch the full interview here:


Sharing the Surprising Benefits of Oranges with Vice:

Sharing the Surprising Benefits of Oranges with Vice:

Here is an article where I shared the benefits of oranges on Tonic, a wellness website that’s the brainchild of the folks at Vice.

Oranges don’t just yield the nectar that complements cheap bubbly during a bottomless brunch. The little vitamin-C bombs your mom used to pack in your lunch have an array of unexpected benefits hiding beneath their peels. Here’s what you might not know about the OG of citrus.

They could combat bad breath.
Richard Marques, a practicing dentist at Wimpole Street Dental in London (he’s helped keep Rita Ora’s teeth pearly white), says orange peels may help eliminate bad breath. “The citric acid that they contain will stimulate your salivary glands and encourage the flow of breath-freshening saliva,” he explains. And don’t discount the peel—Marques says chewing small pieces can help freshen breath, too.

They may ease a nasty hangover.
It’s Saturday morning when the splitting headache hits, and you realize that trivia night got a little rowdy after partaking of a few more beers than planned. Rather than wasting half your weekend, peel an orange, toss the peels in a pot, cover with salt water, and boil for 20 minutes while you pull yourself together (a.k.a. Seamless a bacon egg and cheese). Let the solution cool for a bit, then drink up. Tara Mackey, author of Cured by Nature, says it will help you rehydrate. Go on, put your heart in it—the placebo effect is real.

And act as a natural bug spray.
To keep your skin from being a total suck-fest for mosquitos in warmer weather, grab leftover orange peels. Mackey says bugs hate the smell of citrus, and rubbing the peels on yourself skin-side down—so you’re not a sticky mess—lets the natural oils transfer over to your skin and deter bugs, flies, and ants from making you their next meal. If you prefer a spray, puree the peels in a blender with water, then dump it in a spray bottle and go ham.

Oranges can keep your home grease-free.
“The acid in citric acid gives [oranges] their tartness, but it also acts as a powerful cleansing agent,” Mackey explains. Plus, the natural oils found in the peels add a non-greasy, sparkly shine to stoves and sinks that’ll coerce your visiting parents into thinking you actually clean on the regular.

And stink-free, too.
The last thing anyone wants is a stank house, especially when the temps rise and food rots faster. Mackey’s advice: Remove the pulp of an orange and fill each half with salt. Place it in the fridge, just like you would with baking soda, for a citrus-y clean scent. Same goes with your garbage can, but this time skip the salt. Mackey says leaving 10-20 peels at the bottom will help deodorize the funkiness until your next bag change.

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