8 “Must-Haves” You Always Forget To Pack When You Travel

8 “Must-Haves” You Always Forget To Pack When You Travel

I’ve managed to do an exhausting amount of travel for someone who, let’s be honest, loves her creature comforts. I hate stress so, maybe needless to say, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing.

In that time I’ve learned that there are some serious travel ESSENTIALS – especially for days where most of your time is spent in an airplane.

Here are the items we often forget to pack, and always regret not having in our suitcase. Have these with you — or else!


There is literally nothing worse than taking off, sitting comfortably in you seat, putting your headphones on and realizing that your state of the art, in-flight entertainment system just… doesn’t work. Like, at ALL. Bonus meltdown if your flight is at night and/or you don’t have a window seat.

That’s where books come in SO handy!

On my last few flights I devoured Own Your Glow, Claim Your Power and even did edits for my next book that comes out next year! There’s honestly nothing like reading an empowering work when you’re 30,000+ feet in the air! Inspiration galore and the time goes by SO quickly. Plus, at the very least, it’s a great way to fall asleep 😉


…and a bunch of kickass playlists you won’t get sick of. But seriously – headphones are the difference between a pleasant flight and a flight where you are actually, seriously contemplating murdering a stranger’s young, screaming child.

Make sure that your choice of headphones covers both of your ears and they are noise cancelling. None of this iTunes headphones earbuds crap. I bring the headphones I use to record music with me. They’re my absolute favorite because they cancel out not just noise, but the whole world. One meditation track later and I could be sitting next to that stranger’s young, screaming child and still drift peacefully off to sleep. Let someone else stare daggers in their parents exhausted direction. I’m gonna get some Zzzz’s. Wake me when the food cart comes.


I actually, truly, legitimately forgot how dehydrating travel was. Let’s see. There’s the fact that you are barely inspired to drink water because god forbid you have to get up to pee AGAIN. There’s the fact that the flight attendants hold water from you like they only have a certain amount and you’ll never see water again until you land (oh, wait…) There’s the issue where it seems like every minute your skin just gets drier and drier and DRIER until you finally catch your reflection in the bathroom mirror and notice that it looks like someone came with a syringe and sucked all of the water out of your entire body. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there.

I carry an organic water bottle with me everywhere, at all times, but it’s ESPECIALLY CRUCIAL to start this habit when you travel. Flying on an airplane, sitting in a bed of recycled air and germs, can lead to dehydration and illness. While traveling, drinking water is not only important for hydration but also for staying resistant to germs.

Carrying your own bottle ensures that you can easily fill up on water when necessary just by tapping a flight attendant on the shoulder and asking politely, rather than sitting and waiting for them to “bring water around” (which may only happen once or twice on a 6 hour or more flight).


My skin? SO DRY I could barely talk on my last flight out east last year. So since then I’ve been taking a moisturizer with me at all times and luckily, now I have products that I truly trust to keep me company on my journeys!

Before you fly at all and to combat the germs we touched on earlier, apply Waxelene to your entire face and even use a Q-tip to apply some in your nose before getting on a plane to avoid catching a cold. Airplane air can be drying, and if the inside of your nose becomes cracked and dry, infection is much more likely. How does this help? Well, this organic formula creates a barrier that doesn’t allow germs to penetrate through the nose, but you are still able to breathe.

I loved using the Genetix Glow Brightening Serum on these last few trips because I truly think it made all the difference! It’s formulated with high potency, organic rosehip, melatonin and hyaluronic acid that immediately tackles dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. An absolute travel MUST, since your complexion can change rapidly while flying. I also love using the Cellular Recovery Serum under my eyes to get rid of that oh-so-tired look that’s inevitable while traveling.

What I love is that in just one use, fine lines appear visually plumped. Over time the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation and the visible signs of aging are reduced for a healthier-looking complexion. Perfect for all skin types and all ages, this treatment is enhanced with turmeric and chamomile for maximum brightening and instant radiance. Doubles as a highlighter over makeup, if you’re a makeup-while-traveling kind of gal (I, perhaps needless to say, am not.)


I used to think those people walking around the airport carrying head pillows were dorks. Turns out, they’re GENIUSES. AND I own at least 5 head pillows now. SO yeah. Shame on me.

I prefer the ones that feel like velvet, but honestly, they’re all game-changing. If you’re literally nodding as you attempt to nod off, a Head Pillow will ensure your head stays cradled securely in place. You can also use them basically any way you wish to make a comfy, squishy pillow for yourself. I love mine and it keeps me from being in SERIOUS neck or back pain if I fall asleep on my flight! You can easily find the best one for yourself too, just by looking on Buyers Impact at the many reviews they provide. This way you’ll be provided with the best comfort and won’t have to worry about getting a nasty cramp in your neck during the flight.


SOMETIMES you land and realize as you turn on the hotel room shower, that you forgot one of the most important things… a razor! And I get it. You had a lot on your mind and they’re normally hard to find amongst all the other bathroom looking toiletries.


Now, your razor looks like a mermaid, so you’ll never forget if you packed it again! This Mermaid Razor seriously changed my hygiene game, as I’m a huge culprit of showering the morning I leave and forgetting to pack ALL my shower stuff. LITERALLY will NEVER forget if I packed my razor ever again! How the heck could you?!


Smelling good shouldn’t be your last thought when traveling, but it often is! Seriously, though – this is an important one. After all, YOU have to smell yourself all day long!

Well, they are called ESSENTIAL oils for a reason… idk what I’d do without them!

I dab some calming rose essential oil onto my wrists, neck and into my hair pre-flight to ease my nerves. Want something less subtle? I love my trusty Ded Cool no. 2 roll on which is sexy and unisex, with notes of juniper and sandalwood, coupled with a light and fresh scent of Zoe Organics Aroma Oil.


Freshen up in a pinch with some travel size organic DEO with you! Traces of raw organic honey, lavender and eucalyptus inflect the subtly alluring scent of this long-lasting deodorant made with food-­grade ingredients—organic coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, avocado butter, sunflower butter, castor oil, honey and healing essential oils—to work on even the most sensitive skin. Deodorant regularly shows up in my top 10 list of search keywords that brought people to my blog. Why wouldn’t it? Many use it and you definitely need it when you travel. There have been times that I’ve been on a hot stuffy plane where the person next to me needed a double dose of it! I mean, airlines have LITERALLY kicked passengers off their flights for their body odor. Don’t be that guy!

Loving Lately: Products, Practices + Places

Loving Lately: Products, Practices + Places

I haven’t done a Loving Lately post in a really long time. They actually used to be some of my favorite parts of this blog, since it totally delights me when I get to give you guys a real glimpse into my day-to-day life.

I love sharing things that I feel are bringing my health/fitness/beauty/life game to a whole new level 🙂

Here are the products, places and practices I’m really digging at the moment:


-.21 BRIGHTENING SERUM by C. Lavie is incredible! Seriously, I am in love! The signature ingredient—Siberian larch—brightens and evens skin tone by regulating the skin’s melatonin production and by reducing inflammation.

By stimulating collagen production, it also boosts the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. I apply it every night before bed and right in the morning when I wake up. Lately I’ve also been mixing in a little hyalauronic acid + retinol serum.

Together, this combination puts it over the top. It brightens, tightens and has drastically reduced acne scars, wrinkles, under eye bags and fine lines – all concerns I’ve been trying to tackle (without success) for years!

Great for summer time to deal with sun-inflamed skin or redness, but seriously – if you battle any of the above, get yourself this stellar combo of skincare superheroes. You won’t regret it!

-I swear I’ve never felt more confident or more like ME  before – all thanks to Genetix. I am SO excited about this summer and will never go a day without breaking out this sexy little bottle. Find out why 🙂

Matchaaaaaa! Although I can’t really tolerate caffeine in it’s traditional form (coffee), matcha has been an incredible way to incorporate a little energy boost into my diet without the crash or craziness. I just put tiny tiny little amounts into my tea, and I get the clarity without the caffeination.

Obsessed with this Malaya Body Oil in Citrus &  Bloom! Check out my other Malaya obsessions [here] and [here]. It makes my skin SO soft and smells amazing! Plus, totally organic 🙂


Speaking of amazing skin, I am STILL obsessed with drinking butterfly blue pea tea, which I enjoy in some way, shape or form daily.

Not only does it look gorgeous (totally ‘gram-worthy), butterfly pea tea is full of antioxidants and anti-infllamtory properties has been proven to heal and brighten skin. Plus – it’s delicious – especially with some organic honey and cinnamon!

It also has pain relieving properties, which I need lately because I KILLED my legs during a workout a few days ago and boy am I in bad shape – haha!

OUTDOOR YOGA: I feel COMPLETELY different when I do yoga outside than I do when I do yoga inside. There is a definite connectedness to nature that gets stifled when you are indoors.

Since I am originally from the east coast, anytime I can exercise or do an activity outdoors, I always get excited. The weather has been all around perfect lately, so I have been spending at least 30 mins a day outdoors stretching, practicing kriya and meditating. It’s so inspiring and endlessly beautiful. I feel like there are so many places to explore here in San Diego! I never get tired of it!

If you want to explore Kriya yoga (the yoga that I practice), I highly recommend checking out this book, which got me started on my path and has been an invaluable part of my life ever since. It’s a very relaxing, chill, mindset and breath-focused practice, which is great for beginners or those looking to explore different types of yoga that are less well-known but still very effective.

BLUE VERVAIN + SKULLCAP have been my go-to tinctures lately.

Some of the benefits of blue vervain include its ability to stimulate the liver, soothe the nervous system, detoxify the body, reduce depression and stress, eliminate pain, lower inflammation, protect the immune system, and it helps with coughs and colds!

I use skullcap to reduce anxiety and soothe the nervous system. It also helps to treat diabetes, help with weight loss, prevent certain cancers, lower inflammation, balance hormones and aid sleep issues. Seriously one of my OG favorite plants!


I actually left the house the other day (I know – it’s a miracle!) to go to the Most Admired CEO Awards, held by San Diego Business Journal. It was awesome! I was nominated! It felt so great to go as a Finalist and connect with some of the most powerful people in SD. I also came home with an Outstanding Achievement Award from the California State Senate for my work in the private health sector. 

I actually really love awards shows like this, since they connect some of the best and most hardworking people in one room 🙂 (They also help me to tackle my social anxiety, which is still VERY real most times.)

-Speaking of overcoming anxieties, healing and learning new life practices, have you signed up for The Organic Life Natural Cures Retreat?

Our debut retreat is being held this November on the paradise island of Huahine. The island equivalent of the Garden of Eden, Huahine is an immense tropical jungle thriving with coconut plantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields.

Beyond its lush landscapes and bright blooms, Huahine is also a culturally preserved sanctuary with sacred temples hidden throughout dense vegetation. Undoubtedly, this island will leave you spellbound.

I just got back last month, and i am forever changed. I can’t even begin to explain how much more calm and clear I feel. I’ve been able to work on so much more with so much less effort and time. I am able to let things go much more easily. I am focused on goals, which truly seem to revolve exclusively around helping others.This has brought me an unwavering peace to my soul and my actions that I’ve NEVER had before in all my life.

I cannot wait for you to experience this.  

Huahine is exceptionally green because fewer travelers frequent her sandy shores and lush hillsides than her favored counterparts, Moorea and Bora Bora. For this reason, though, Huahine has retained the alluring essence and authenticity of early Polynesia.

The locals pride themselves on preserving what they genuinely believe is the most picturesque island in Tahiti; and those who visit often find that Huahine becomes their favorite island, returning again and again to find the same landscape still unchanged over time.

Sign up here and find out what all the love is about!

Healthy Travel Musts: Don’t Get Caught Without These On-The-Go!

Healthy Travel Musts: Don’t Get Caught Without These On-The-Go!

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I just wrapped up a (very busy, very crazy!) trip to my hometown of New York.

It was one.wild.trip. Full of family fun, desksides, meetings, scooting from NYC (work/events) to Long Island (family) each and every day. I also squeezed in a feature on the news, a trip to Martha Stewart Weddings to plan my wedding, and introducing T to my family (FINALLY!! And yes, my man asked me to marry him before he met my family. Talk about special.)

I almost forgot how much each of us NEEDS to have certain “stuff” with us whenever we leave home. Not long ago, I was packing and unpacking my suitcase every 3 weeks. The (sometimes brutal) flight across the country from Cali to NY has forced me to create a routine that works so I’m not stranded, starving or in pain – places I’ve found myself without preparation before. Over the years, I’ve learned to pack really smart and really, really healthy. No settling for Doritos or peanuts on the plane for me! I’ve got a book in my lap, my kale salad with flax seeds tucked under the seat in front of me, noise canceling headphones strapped to my dome, meditation tracks rocking on full blast and I’ll be sipping my alkaline water with a satisfied grin. Give me any cranky baby to sit next to and I’ll manage to figure it out. For real.

After all my trials and errors, there are definitely a few “MUSTS” that I know everyone could benefit from when they travel!


-Before you do anything, pop some Vitamin C to ward off all the germie mcgermensteins you’re about to encounter. Supplements are a no-brainer for me, but I know that they’re sooo easy to forget! Trust me. I’ve been there. They sit in your pantry and completely slip your mind when you’re buried in bras, socks and beauty products to sort through. I have DEFINITELY forgotten to bring them with me in the past with MAJOR regrets. Just a few days of forgetting some of my supplements (like DIM, GABA, St. Johns Wort, Probiotics + Activated Charcoal) and I am totally screwed and back to square one with my health! Not necessary! Supplements are easy to pack – keep your favorites for the day in a zip lock bag and stash it in your purse if your flight is early. Then pack your supplement bottles in your suitcase or carry on! Voila! Life saved!

-Water and lip balm are a MUST. Airplanes & airports are SO dehydrating! Flying may be a quick and convenient method of getting around, but it does have some drawbacks. Some of the common health problems that affect airplane passengers are often the result of a lack of humidity in the cabin air, which can lead to dehydration if you’re not careful. Lip balm is a great way to protect your lips from chapping and your skin from suffering. I use Waxelene on my face, lips and I even put some inside my nose to protect from germs. It works wonders. I normally bring the 2 oz jar with me since it’s under the TSA 3 oz limit!

PRO TIP: It’s easy to stay hydrated, too. TSA will take your plastic water bottle. Pack a durable water bottle with you and keep it empty. When you get through security, find the nearest restaurant and ask them to fill you up with water. You can even ask them to add lemon, cucumbers or herbs! BAM – you’re alkalized!

-A good book and a new notebook are essential to a stress-free experience. There is nothing like getting lost in a good story if you’re stressed, anxious, waiting or bored (which happens a LOT during travel.) I love starting new books and to begin writing in new notebooks during my trips. 10,000 feet in the air is a great time to have a fresh start. On this particular adventure to NY, I brought my copy of The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh and I got this adorable Thoughtfully Magazine collab notebook in my gift bag from The Well Summit, which was awesome to have on the flight home. I am working on Book #2 so I’m writing down ideas cooonstantly. Writing and reading is so therapeutic during travel, which can be a very inspiring time.

-You know what I wish I’d figured out sooner? That you need to use SPF on an airplane more than you need it at the beach. Or basically any other time in your life. Why? Well, in an airplane, you’re ABOVE the cloud. SPF is an absolute must to wear when you fly because of the UV radiation caused by elevation. Airplane windows don’t filter out the sun’s rays! Don’t compromise your window seat view – just protect yourself. I add Josh Rosebrook’s Tinted Nutrient Day Cream (with SPF 30) to my face, neck and décolleté about every 1-3 hours, depending on the trip. On top of protecting your skin, you’ll barely need any other makeup to look dewey and awake!

-If you want to keep yourself fresh on your trip, pack yourself some healthy deodorant! Even if you’re not prone to wearing deodorant, this is the ONE time you’re going to want to give in. Between the time you get to the airport and the time you get to your destination (or your hotel room) the temperature will have changed roughly 3963069030 times. ESPECIALLY if you’re going on a vacation, this is practically a given. Agent Nateur is the healthiest choice in this arena – it was also my pick when I judged The Glamour Beauty Awards last month. And it really, really works!

-One of my huge must-have’s is a travel size body oil and an organic, 100% natural face oil. I knew that NY was going to be windy and I knew the airplane ride was going to be dehydrating. So I packed my powerhouses! Vered’s AMAZING, award winning anti-aging face oil was one of the first oils I ever purchased when I switched to green beauty, and it’s been a staple in my beauty cabinet ever since! Full of omega fatty acids that keep skin super hydrated during travel. It is highly nourishing for normal, dehydrated, mature or dull skin. Laurel’s intoxicating California Body Oil is calming, de-stressing, and features organic Avocado, Rosehip Seed, and Tamanu for their rich texture, rich vitamin and mineral content, and healing nature. I use this delectable oil as a mood booster and relaxation therapy every hour or so along my way.

-Not only do I carry my own food and water with me when I travel, I also take my own tea bags. Just ask for hot water and honey or lemon on the plane and you have yourself the exact remedy you want – whether you’re trying to relax, to ward off a cold, to stay awake or get work done, there’s a tea for you! Easy, simple and so good for you!

-I keep a crystal with me at all times to balance my energy. You encounter SO many people, so many energies when you travel that it’s difficult for us to stay grounded without picking up on those energies and carrying them with us. Crystals are a great way to stay grounded. This trip I brought a small citrine gemstone and shungite stone with me, which brings light and happiness and protects against negative energy. This practice might seem a little woo-woo, but I swear by it.

-Last but not least, I dab a bit of organic highlighter on the corner of my eyes and on my cheekbones before I head out of the house. This can last you all day and make you look wide awake. You’ll instantly look rested, young and ready to take on your day, even if you’re struggling to keep your eyes open.


Your Healthy HQ

Your Healthy HQ

I was so thrilled this month when I had my first 5 page feature published in Locale Magazine!

It was surreal to hold it (on my birthday!!!) and just as surreal to read it online.

Being asked to be a part of this piece was such an incredible honor.

I absolutely love San Diego and was happy to share some of my favorite parts of this amazing city with you all!

There’s still time to pick up your copy! 🙂

You can check out the article below or head here for the full story + more photos:


This February, my first book “Cured by Nature” hit bookstores and Kindles everywhere and skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon in less than two weeks. This catapulted into an amazing career whirlwind, as this written extension of myself and deep reflection on my health journey became a huge part of my day-to-day reality, with a ton of tasks at hand. A lot of what I’ve been able to accomplish has been passion, and a lot of it has been my ability to multi-task.

These days I’m either running my company, The Organic Life, or writing bestselling books, songs or wellness articles over on my blog (www.theorganiclifeblog.com—say hi!). You can also find me teaching folks worldwide the secrets of forming a healthy, mindful relationship with themselves through my Cured by Nature workshops. After embarking on a remarkable road trip and relocation from New York City to California in 2011, and traveling the country and globe, San Diego was no contest as a home base because of all it has to offer for a clean, balanced lifestyle. From the expansive hikes, to the organic farmers markets, the engaged community, music venues, gorgeous views and perfect surf—I am so proud to live in San Diego and I definitely fall more in love with this city every single day. Nothing can compare to the inner peace and enrichment I’ve found here. For the Healthista, SD is paradise.

I find most of my inspiration in the moments when I can get lost in a sunny day and fulfill my most important obligation of all: the one to myself. My secret to success: constantly find a balance between doing important work and finding time to prioritize, meditate and practice self-care. We all know how our days can get jam-packed quickly, so it’s great when you find one local destination that encourages efficiency, while also providing a great place to eat, write, shop and chill out. I thrive off of nature; adore clean, healthy meals; and I absolutely love spaces that celebrate the outdoors and allow you the ability to step back and take a moment to yourself.

Since landing in San Diego, I’ve been looking for that one, special place—and I finally found it in The Headquarters at Seaport Village! This charming, one-size-fits-all destination is where you can do all of your meetings, shopping, then grab satisfying dinner and drinks, plus pick up something unique for the house or a friend on your way out. If you’re like me, this will be your new go-to spot! Between the views, the food, drinks and shopping experience, The Headquarters at Seaport checks all the entertaining, enjoyable lifestyle boxes! Located just blocks from multiple parks and the harbor, this dining and shopping haven is a hidden San Diego gem. During my recent adventure there, I quickly found out why!

The Headquarters at Seaport Village provides beautiful ambiance in a trendy, casual setting as well as a unique dining and shopping experience for every age. You won’t find many cut-and-dry shops here! Take your best friend and stop by Urban Beach House for a boho shopping spree or bring the whole family to Puesto for your choice of tacos! You can always treat yourself to a self-love date sometime and chow down on a Vennissimo Cheese’s melted cheese plate by the fountain, or swing by Eddie V’s for a divine dinner or drink with your parents or significant other.

Native Knowledge: The Headquarters at Seaport Village used to be the location of the San Diego police department which included several jail cell blocks. Today, they’ve used that fact to their advantage as a local tourist attraction. Do yourself a favor and check out the tiny cells where they used to keep inmates (they’re on the way to the bathroom—you can’t miss them!) The walls are even decorated with old mug shots to explore. A perfect backdrop for selfies!


The taco restaurant of my dreams! Whether you’re looking for an exclusive Mexican dining experience or a delicious drink, Puesto has you covered! With seating both inside and outside, this vivid restaurant looks out onto The Headquarters courtyard and provides delightful menu options for everyone. The tacos are out of this world (I tried three different kinds and could not pick a favorite! Sorry—you’ll have to try them all yourself!). Puesto’s guacamole is the best I have EVER had and their margaritas are out of this world. Strong and gratifying! You don’t have to cross the border to enjoy authentic Mexican food or drinks. I was pleasantly full but not stuffed—my favorite feeling after a meal! Bring a bestie!


Dallmann Fine Chocolates


Venissimo Cheese


Up until this trip to The Headquarters, I had not tasted a decent gelato since my time in Italy because every option paled in comparison. So when I stepped into Gelato Paradiso, my eyes lit up! Was this really the gelato paradise of my dreams?!  YES! Yes it is! I am SO excited I found this place, because I saved myself a round trip ticket back and forth to Europe—seriously! If you’re craving something refreshing and fulfilling (or the kids are!), this one-stop-shop is the way to go. They have a tremendous selection of gelatos to choose from and their cones are finger-licking delicious. Just try to pass by this place and the smell of waffle cone wafts into the courtyard and beckons you in! I munched down on the chocolate, vanilla and cherry! Can’t choose, either? Don’t worry—they’re happy to let you sample first and they’ll be delighted to make you a mixed cone of your very own!


Urban Beach House

Urban Beach House is everything you ever dreamed a SoCal shop would be! They have so many coastal inspired gifts to choose from and it feels like you are truly home (if home was steps from my beach). Just my kind of taste! They’ve selected locally made candles, stylish shirts, sun hats, dresses, jewelry and trinkets that all give a nod to the San Diego shore. Urban Beach House provides a wealth of options for cute, ocean inspired patterns, textures and colors to decorate or spruce up your wardrobe, home or outdoor living space. The perfect place to stop in for a thoughtful gift for the man in your life, too. There are definitely a lot of treasures to be found here (and treasure-inspired décor, at that!), especially if you dig into their sale section. Friendly customer service and absolutely no pressure from staff to buy anything—which is my favorite part of any retail store!


Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Beautiful ambiance. Strong, well-made drinks. Fresh, healthy seafood. For a taste of the local catch, it doesn’t get much better than Eddie V’s. I finished off a whole plate of perfect, melt-in-your-mouth scallops and sipped on a crafted gin and tonic, made with love and the most professional shake-and-pour I’ve ever seen! The service is quick and attentive, so it’s the perfect place for a first date, birthday, anniversary or graduation party. Eddie V’s has a romantic atmosphere, so I can only imagine a lot of engagements have gone down here! The building itself is crafted beautifully inside—with a bold, rural style and an expansive floor-to-ceiling wooden wine cabinet.

Native Knowledge: Live musicians play at night and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure you’re truly satisfied with your experience. Come during Happy Hour to catch the killer prices!

Flour and Barley

As a native New Yorker, I’m an admitted pizza snob. I thought the very best pizza came from Manhattan and Brooklyn—exclusively. Well, my mind’s been changed! The brick oven pizza at Flour and Barley is legit. Absolutely amazing! I’ve found my new pizza hotspot and instantly felt like I was back home in NYC with a pinch of classic Italian charm to boot! Be sure to try their bacon infused spirits (with a bacon garnish, in case there wasn’t enough bacon!). Beyond pizza, you and the family can choose from amazing entrees, home-cooked style pasta, exquisite salads and a great selection of beer and wine. You’ll find the hostesses greeting and exposed brick walls a warm surprise! Our waiter had me laughing the entire time and the service was exceptional.


Cherry Hills Market

Cherry Hills Market is the hidden gem among gems. Definitely my kind of shop! A mix of old school, New York City apothecary and inviting, SoCal chic, this market is charm—personified!

In addition to hand picking items, they partner with designers, visionaries and bloggers to bring engaging collections that thrill and inspire. Plus, the market has killer sales events every week. I just love getting something rustic and unique for my house or wardrobe on sale! Cherry Hill Market is right up my alley, with a brand focus on simplicity and sustainability, They boast a beautiful boho swank and a curated, home-focused beach style. You can feel the good vibes all around the store! Coming soon: vinegars and olive oils. Before you leave The Headquarters, be sure to stop by and ask what’s new!

Native Knowledge: The front desk is reclaimed wood doors that originally resided in The Headquarters. In fact, every nook and cranny of Cherry Hills Market is alluring and curated.

Secret to Success: Constantly find a balance between doing important work and finding time to prioritize, meditate and practice self-care.

Tara Mackey

The Headquarters at Seaport Village
789 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

Apparel & Accessories Provided By:
Urban Beach House

The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields


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It all started on instagram. My friend Genevieve was in town. She’s a stylist from LA who I met on my first international commercial. And she’s a big hippie at heart.

I always get excited when I see an LA local around San Diego because 1. LET’S HANG OUT and 2. IF WE DON’T HANG OUT I’M GOING TO STALK WHERE YOU GO IF IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND GO THERE TOO.

In the case of Gen, it was scenario #2.

Since she was only in town briefly, homegirl was gone by the time I hit her up. But the photo of her in a huge field of flowers while she was here stayed seared in my brain.

Where is this magnificent flower place? I asked myself over and over again. Finally, I headed to the google machine. I barely got passed “ San Diego fl” before The Flower Fields showed up and my heart sang arias.

A fifteen minute drive and $25 season pass later, I was in heaven. This place is beyond (beyond beyond!) beautiful.  For a flower child like me, it’s a dream come true to wander around a preserve so gorgeous, thoughtful and wonderful.  From the extraordinary colors to the wide variety of wildlife, I was totally enthralled.  Fifty acres of Tecolote Giant Ranunculus to gawk at and fall in love with.

If you have a flower field by your house that you had no idea about, do some research and then GO TO IT.  NOW.  Don’t wait another moment!  Normally they are only open in the Spring for a few weeks.

I loved this amazing way to explore my own home town.

Who knew there were such beautiful things right in our own backyards?


Makeup: The Tara Glow Collection

Dress: Wilde Willow

Flower Crown: Flower Children Only

Bracelet: Moon & Tree Mala 

Padma Design

The Laurel Skin Studio Grand Opening

The Laurel Skin Studio Grand Opening

I had the privilege and honor of attending Laurel Skin Studio’s Grand Opening this weekend in San Francisco!


Laurel Whole Plant Organics – formerly Sequoia Beauty – was one of the first brands I ever blogged about here on The Organic Life. Back when Laurel Whole Plant Organics was Sequoia Beauty and The Organic Life was My Organic Life (ch-ch-ch-changes!) I was falling head over heels with Laurel’s Shaffer’s awesome, potent, gorgeous creations time and time again. Everything I tried, I loved. Everyone I saw, I raved to!


Laurel is a testament to accomplishing your dreams against all odds. She’s a beam of light and a beautiful business woman who really makes it work. I was super happy with Laurel’s standards and her commitment to her craft and impressed with this spirited chick who grew many of her brands awesome ingredients in her own garden. I continue to be blown away by what Laurel has accomplished in the past few years. Attending the opening of Laurel Skin’s Studio this weekend was like taking a big gulp of friendship Pride.


When I visited Laurel’s studio a few weeks ago, she was still preparing to open. We chatted a bit about what brands she was going to sell – many of my favorites, including La Bella Figura, Josh Rosebrook, Lurk and more!   We talked about how the place was going to look, but I was absolutely blown away to actually see it finished in all it’s gorgeous glory!

three copy

Left: Melissa of M. Parke Studio, Middle: Laurel of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Right: Moi of this blizog 🙂

Every single one of Laurel’s team, friends and family were beaming with pride and happiness.

If you’re in the Bay area you MUST stop by!  You can take a look at Laurel’s gorgeous creation process, get a glimpse of the killer view of the Bay or shop the array of totally clean beauty, hair and makeup products, perfume, teas and tinctures Laurel has curated.





lovelies wake

You can get a beautiful facial by Laurel’s new esthecian, my good friend Megan Porchen!


Megan is a beautiful green beauty expert a well as a total sweetheart. Megan and I got dinner while I was in town and she is so excited to be working with Laurel. I am so thrilled they’ve connected and Megan gets to do her thing in such a beautiful space!


Me & Cindy of Hello Dollface



Josh Rosebrook, Laurel of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Victoria of La Bella Figura



Laurel’s Lip Healing Creation



With Victoria of La Bella Figura


If you’re looking for a meditative space to relax, or you’re into your new favorite, friendly local beauty shop making magic potions on the daily, Laurel Skin Studio is the place for you!

There is nothing else like this place in San Francisco.

I am so happy for Laurel and wish her and her team the absolute best.