Dry Skin? Do This:

Dry Skin? Do This:

How To Care for Winter Skin


I was in freaking IOWA a month ago.

And Utah last week.



Now I know your first question.

“Isn’t that where they grow all the corn?”

And the answer is yes.


You’re still thinking of Idaho.

Not Iowa.

Trust me.

Don’t feel bad, everyone gets them confused.

Anyway, my body has not been exposed to the cold in a long while. Like, literally since 2018, I have not traveled somewhere cold. I did cold for a long time though because I grew up in New York and then I went to college in Vermont and then for some reason I did a field work term in Boston from December-February when I could have gone anywhere in the world (I guess because I’m a glutton for punishment), so trust me, I’ve done the whole -302596 below zero thing. I am familiar with the routine it takes to keep your skin in shape. I’ve done this self-care thing a time or two before, I swear.

My skin has now been exposed to two veryyyy cold climates in just a few weeks.

And my dry, acne-prone, combination skin would not have been happy at all if I had not pre-thought out my daily skincare routine. By now, I have it down to a science.

Here’s what I did to not turn into one big dry spot!


The reason that most conventional treatments for acne and skin issues don’t work is that they fail to treat the real issue: your insides. Steroids, anti-biotics and even heavy duty prescription medications skip over the one thing that truly does need to change and for your new, clear skin to stick: Your body needs to be in balance.

Supplements are a must. I don’t know how anyone’s skin does anything without supplements, I’m not even kidding. I’m pretty sure I would look like an 98 year old grandma with teenage acne if I hadn’t found the right supplements for my skin. And you think that’s an exaggeration but it’s absolutely not.

Here’s the ones I absolutely recommend for skincare maintenance:

Extra Strength DIM – You guys know DIM is my go-to for curing my acne. Every women should be taking this. This estrogen regular supplement is a life saver no matter whats going on with your skin. It helps to bring estrogen levels back in line, therefore naturally increasing your energy levels. Balanced hormone levels from DIM can lead to reduced acne, PMS, PMDD, hot flashes, night sweats and PCOS while increasing your drive and energy. I take 3 per day of this brand, which I’ve found to be the best.

Bioastrin  – Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment that occurs in trout, microalgae, yeast, and shrimp, among other sea creatures, that gives them their vibrant color. This supplement gives you a glow. An antioxidant, it’s been linked to healthier skin, endurance, heart health, joint pain, and may even have a future in cancer treatment.

Biotin gummies – Been taking these for hair growth every morning. They’re great!


What it does: Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

When: Perform in the mornings prior to toner, moisturizer, SPF and make-up application. Tip: Make-up will last longer on exfoliated skin!

Faves: I love the Acure Brightening Scrub, CoCo Kind’s Sea Moss Exfoliator and Hene Organics lip scrub. 


What It Does: Keeps skin moist and supple to ward off aging, sun spots and wrinkles.

How: Up your regimen’s level of hydration with intensive serums, perfect for use all day long or as needed. They work best when layered underneath a moisturizing SPF. Toners are a refreshing pore pick me up, working to even out your skin’s complexion.

Faves: The Essential Care Kit by Genetix is a must-have. This organic trio is amazing for anything from sensitive to acne prone to mature skin! Thayer’s makes my favorite toner.


Slathering on a luxurious body oil every day after you shower keeps skin moist to ward off dry skin, cellulite and wrinkles.

HOW: Pat your skin dry after your shower. This can prevent you from stripping natural oils that moisturize your skin. Get optimal amounts of moisture without oversaturating your skin by determining the best product for your face and body. I recommend the full sizes of Genetix serums, which are scent free and essential oil free. Slather these luxe serums all over your body from neck to toe. I also did my breast massage every night with my Activated Enhancement Oil. Hubby couldn’t be happier 😉

So, yep. That’s how I made sure I didn’t have dry skin in Utah and Iowa. Skincare has seriously become one of my favorite self-care routines. Right now save big time over at Genetix and treat yourself this season. No code needed. You deserve it!

Three Proven Ways To Calm Your Mind

Three Proven Ways To Calm Your Mind

Racing thoughts. Nagging worry. Weekly work drama.

Many of us live with a level of persistent low-grade stress that becomes so normalized that most of the time, we don’t even realize that it’s there.

While we might not be displaying obvious signs of stress, cortisol – the hormone associated with stress – underhandedly wreaks havoc on our mental and physical health over the long-term. Therefore it’s important to make time to clear our minds and bring some peace into our lives, even if we’re not feeling particularly anxious.

Here are some of the best – and most scientifically backed – ways I’ve found to bring my mind back to center:

Make Time To Meditate

Meditation has a number of positive effects on mind and body. It’s also deceptively hard, which is why many people try it once or twice but struggle to make it a regular habit. Meditation helps combat the physical and emotional affects of stress and has lasting benefits that affect your productivity, as well as your ability to relax under pressure. Set aside time to meditate for just 10 minutes a day over the next week or two and experience the benefits for yourself. 

Here is one of my favorite personal meditations, taken from my book Cured by Nature:


Sit up straight in your chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Wipe your mind clean and start over. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen.

Breathe In and feel where your air flows in your body. Is it just your lungs or does it fill your stomach, your abdomen or other parts of your body?

Breathe Out: I am connected.

Breathe In and focus on smoothing your breath.

Breathe Out: I am connected.

Continue to focus on your breath. Anytime your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath. When you are ready, open your eyes with a smile and greet your day.

Research determined that mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the brain’s default mode network (DMN). The DMN is responsible for the “monkey mind” chatter, mind-wandering, and self-referential thoughts.

Walk It Out

If you follow along with me on instagram, you know a daily walk with my pups is a non-negotiatble. While just about any walk will help to clear your head and boost endorphins (which, in turn, reduces stress hormones), consider walking in a park or other green space, or taking a short hike, which can actually put your body into a state of meditation, thanks to a phenomenon known as “involuntary attention” during which something holds our attention, but simultaneously allows for reflection.

Visualize To Manifest

A short visualization is an easy way to get back to center. Much of our worry stems from feeling a lack of control. Even the National Institutes for Health recognizes the power of “guided imagery” to elicit a relaxation response.

Simply make yourself comfortable and then picture a peaceful scene: a future vacation, your favorite beach. You can even visualize yourself accomplishing a future goal or picture yourself in in your dream home next to the man or woman of your choice (yup. anyone! Have fun!) These are some of my favorite mind-strengthening techniques to do because they truly WORK.

BONUS: Hang Up, Then Detox

Cell phones stress you out, there’s no question about it. Talking on your cell can even raise your blood pressure. If you recognize that social media, emails or your phone in general is stressing you out, put it down for the day and walk away. If you’re feeling a bit of phantom limb syndrome, read a book, take a walk or spend quality time with loved ones cooking, organizing, decorating or doing something you’ve been putting off. When you say you’re out – be OUT. Be present. At the end, I highly doubt you’ll remember the texts you got, but your loved ones smiles and laughs will be at the top of your most precious moments.

For weekends, you can also give yourself a curfew of when you’ll begin looking at your phone in the morning and what time you stop at night (for instance, 11:30 am – 3:30 pm). This will help you manage your time and open up tons of time to work on yourself and projects that are important to you as well!

Hat | Dress: Sustainably designed and ethically produced COSSAC  similar (if COSSAC dress is sold out) | Necklace

Photos by Arielle Levy

How To Stay Active In The New Year

How To Stay Active In The New Year

January is the best time of year for a fresh start. Perhaps you’d like to be more thoughtful, more gentle or more kind. Maybe, like many of us, your mission is to get healthier or more fit. Whatever your goals, there are a few key elements to success that all of us can build on. These steps (no matter how small) can make any goal much easier to accomplish in the new year.
One of the big issues a lot of people face when sticking to their goals is the pressure they put on themselves. They focus on the resolution they’re setting, instead of the steps it will take to accomplish that goal.
Our goals should always be focused on self-love. This sets the stage for success, no matter what our ultimate objective is. Want to get in shape? I’ve partnered with Maurices this year to show you how to start!



5 Face Masks That Will Get You Through Election Stress

5 Face Masks That Will Get You Through Election Stress

Election stuff. Are you as over it as I am? OK, OK… I am stuck somewhere between “anxiously refreshing The Huffington Post roughly 10x a day” and “If you turn on the news I might ACTUALLY kill you with my eyes.”

I’m sure I am not the only one who feels like the last few months have been stress incarnate. I cannot wait for Tuesday to come — and GO — so that we can be OVER all this madness. Amirite?

While we sit and wait and hope and pray and try not to drink all the gluten free beer in the fridge, don’t forget that this is the PERFECT day for a self-love date. Since you’ll inevitably be sitting on the couch biting your nails anyway, you might as well pamper yourself. Here are 5 face masks to help you destress this week:


mahalo-pele-mask_grandeThen the Pele Mask by Mahalo is for you! Named after the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele, the mask is supercharged by “botox-plant” Hibiscus, anti-inflammatory Turmeric, collagen-boosting Vitamin C, anti-aging Neem leaf, oxygenating Cayenne, sebum-balancing Witch Hazel, wrinkle-fading Guava, acne-fighting Holy Basil, toxin-magnet Volcanic Ash Clay and bacteria-absorbing Activated Bamboo Charcoal. A concentrated, intelligently detoxifying bioactive mask that transforms problem, tired skin to unveil glowing, paradise-radiant complexion. Activated by water, this astute formula morphs from dull powder to a satin mousse, swelling and sizzling as it brings to life the luxurious botanicals. Perfect for de-stressing your skin as well as your mood.



thehoneymud1-v3-600x600_mediumIf you think this week is the best time for a new skincare and self-love ritual, The Honey Mud is going to be your new best friend! A distinctive union of raw Honey, White Halloysite Clay and aromatic pure plant oils come together to bring you a truly intoxicating and highly addictive cleansing or masking ritual. This amazing cleansing “mud” can be used to clean skin or leave it on for 10-15 mins to use it as a mask. The Honey Mud infuses your skin with active enzymes and nourishment while restoring your optimal hydration and individual rhythm. A unique fresh start feeling!



josh-rosebrook-cacao-antioxidant-mask-1_9dc9591e-4fc5-4b3c-a687-fbc83e62724e_1024x1024There’s nothing quite like the feeling AFTER your votes are in. I know my #1 goal will be to do my Cacao Antioxidant Ritual. These pre-mixed mask is an all-time favorite! Josh Rosebrook’s products were made for your serious R&R days. Your skin will thank you, too! This mask contains excellent organic ingredients for brightening, rejuvenating, detoxifying, toning, tightening, and softening skin. This powerful organic antioxidant mask is the ultimate multi-tasker. I absolutely love the delicious chocolate-y smell and how it instantly leaves skin looking clearer, tighter and brighter.


52986If you can’t get enough BLUE on Election Day, I have just the mask for you! Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask is a gentle yet effective detoxifying mask. Fruit acids help eliminate dead skin cells while plant extracts nourish and protect the skin. Purify clogged pores and relieve congested skin with organic healing ingredients like seaweed, chamomile, camphor extract and bentonite clay. This mask is one of my favorite ways to both cleanse and rehydrate skin when it’s being fussy or dull. Truly works on sensitive skin like mine.


dralkaitis_cellularrepairmask-z-01Ready to make your skin great again? I have JUST the solution! This cellular repair mask is incredible. Organic ingredients repair, regenerate and fortify damaged or mature skin. Formulated with Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries, this anti-aging mask nourishes and restores vitality. It smells SO amazing you’ll want to eat it… and the ingredients are so pure that you CAN! This mask removes environmental damage while infusing your skin with some great antioxidants and much  needed nutrients.


The Best of Green Beauty: Highlighter

The Best of Green Beauty: Highlighter

Ohhhh, highlighter. How I love you. Ever since I discovered highlighter, I’ve been obsessed. When highlighter is applied correctly it can brighten up your complexion, play up features you love or can even camouflage less desirable parts of the skin.

Highlighters can help minimize dark circles, decrease the look of wrinkles, and can give a natural, youthful glow. Highlighters are made to emphasize the areas the sun naturally finds your face. It’s usually the last step of my makeup routine!

There are five main areas to apply highlighter:

  • Cheekbones for a youthful dew.
  • Forehead for a sun-kissed look.
  • Underneath the Eye Brow for a glamorous 90’s throwback.
  • Inner Eyes to erase tired eyes, dab a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Cupid’s bow to give your lips a full, pouty appearance.

I’ve compiled an ultimate guide to the healthiest highlighters!

Gia Minerals Suvar [Use code ORGANICLIFE (or BEAUTIFULEARTH until 4/25) for $$ off] My very personal favorite is from my own collection with Gia Minerals! I’m obsessed with Suvar! This versatile compact can be used as a subtle highlighter or a glamorous eyeshadow. It’s a shimmery, pearlescent white color that’s perfect on the cheeks, to highlight lips, across eyelids or in the corner of the eyes. A little goes such a long way – I’ve barely dug into this palette and I’ve had it for quite a few months now! So fun to play with – and I always get compliments on how dewey and finished my makeup looks!

Kjaer Weis created a cream formula to add a summery “just kissed by the sun” finish to every skin tone. This highlighter can be used to enhance and accentuate, with a warm pearl color that lends itself to use as a cream eye shadow, either by itself or on top of a darker eye shadow for a subtle, iridescent finish. (Use code EARTH10 for 10% off)


W3ll People Bio Brightening Stick is one of my favorite makeup products ever created! This powerful skin brightener has been designed to optically diffuse skin imperfections while capturing light to create a flawless, even glow. It’s the perfect trick for sleepless workaholics to look rested and radiant! The creamy all-natural formula has a satin smooth, weightless finish and uses premium organic botanicals including aloe and grape seed oil to nourish and soothe skin. (Use code EARTH10 for 10% off)


Alima Pure Highlighter is a great pick-me-up for the cheeks, forehead, eyes and shoulders. Incandescent and brightening, they will perk up your complexion, accentuate the features you love and add an overall youthful, healthy glow.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is an ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish. Lasts all day long. This formula is the ultimate illuminator for highlighting the skin with a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow.

RMS Beauty Eyepolish in Lunar is a pretty perfect champagne pearl shimmer that can double as a highlighter/lipstick for more of a frosted evening look. Apply some to the corner of eyelids for an instant model-down-the-runway effect. Spring looks, here you come!

Vapour Trick Stick Highlighter is amazing for a lit–from–within glow. With a few quick strokes, your skin takes on a lustrous youthful glow that brightens. This stick instantly defines the face.

La Bella Figura Beauty – Brazilian Denise Golden Corrective Highlighter is a personal favorite since I worked on the campaign with them! I’ve loved this highlighter since the founder of the company, Victoria, first opened her in front of me in NOLA before our photoshoot and I saw her sparkle! A warm sun-kissed glow can be yours with this skin loving and nurturing golden highlighter. It also contains Kakadu Plum Extract which is packed with Vitamin-C and is a potent free radical scavenger.

Happy to be able to share my favorite ways to light your face up!

Want more tips on green beauty? Find them here!

With Love,